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Kerry & Diane

Diane & Kerry Morris both worked for Avis Rent a Car when they first met. She was from Seattle and he grew up in a small farming community in Northern Missouri. Kerry began his career as a clerk in Kansas City, Missouri while advancing into a managerial role. His career path took him to numerous cities throughout the United States including Hawaii. He retired from AvisBudgetGroup after 40 years in 2009 as Western Area VP. Diane advanced within the company to  become the Seattle Fleet manager. She left  the company in 1988 to be together and marry shortly thereafter.  Diane was also a licensed Realtor in Texas while they lived in Houston. Both share many common interests including their love for 4 legged critters, fast cars, trucks, boats, classics/antiques & real estate. They moved to Golf Canyon in Estrella Mountain in 2016 to be close to kids/grandkids. 

Kerry joined EMCC in 2017 shortly after purchasing their 1934 Chevy Cabriolet. At that time, the club consisted of approximately 25 members & lacked any ‘formal organizational structure’. Kerry served as the club’s VP and President from 2017 through 2021. During his tenure he worked with the members and sought professional guidance to organize the club into a 501-C-3 non-profit organization where it remains today. His leadership elevated the club’s stature and laid the groundwork for its extraordinary growth of over 80 members today.

Kerry played in the PGA’s Pro-Am Nissan Cup in Kapalua Hawaii in November, 1985. He was in a foursome with Raymond Floyd and recalled hitting Floyd in the leg with one of his t-shots. Floyd, who was in a slump at the time, learned quickly to stand behind Kerry when he was teeing off and actually played better after that and went on to win the US Open the following year.

Below are a few of the ‘toys’ they have both enjoyed over the years.

'55 Chevrolet 3100 Series 1

Diane's Corvette Collection

Don't let the 1/4 mile time fool you, it's a reflection of the Corvettes capabilities not Diane's driving skills.
'67 Chevrolet Corvette
'78 Chevrolet Corvette Indy Pace Car


27’ Nordic Catamaran boat- 502-600 HP Supercharged EFI

You can take the boy out of the farm but not the farm out of the boy.

Restored 1917 High Wheeled Chicago wagon
Restored mid 60’s Allis Chalmers tractor