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Rick & Marlene Goble - Webmaster

Rick and Marlene Goble are a couple who relocated to Estrella in 2014, primarily to escape the harsh winters of Minnesota and to be closer to their daughter, Carissa, who resided in Los Angeles at the time. Rick had a long and successful career in the retail automobile business, spanning 45 years, before retiring. Marlene, on the other hand, continued working in Community Relations with the American Cancer Society (ACS) in Phoenix until her retirement.

Within the community, Rick has been actively involved in various roles within the club. He has served as the Secretary, Treasurer, and currently holds the position of one of the Webmasters. Rick’s dedication and contributions have been valuable to the club’s operations and online presence.

Both Rick and Marlene played key roles in organizing the club’s “Cruiz’n to the Lakes” car shows. Marlene’s enthusiasm and her experience working with the American Cancer Society proved to be significant assets in ensuring the success of these events. Her involvement likely helped foster community support and engagement, potentially raising awareness and funds for cancer-related causes.

Overall, Rick and Marlene Goble have made a positive impact on the community through their active participation in the club and their dedication to organizing successful car shows.

The Goble’s have had many cars over the years and that trend seems to have continued into retirement. The following are a few the cars they’ve had since joining the club.

1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS Restomod

Rick and his twin brother, Rollie, had quite the success story with his Malibu SS restoration project. The Malibu’s accomplishments include winning the “Cool Convert” award at the Good Guys Great Lakes Nationals Madison Wisconsin in 2007 and it achieved further recognition when it was awarded “Best Chevrolet in Show” at the 2012 Car Craft Summer Nationals. This honor signifies that the 

Rick may not have been directly involved in the physical work, but his support and enthusiasm likely played a vital role in encouraging Rollie throughout the restoration process. It’s always a collaborative effort to bring a classic car back to its former glory, and Rick’s presence undoubtedly contributed to the project’s success.

Overall, the Malibu’s journey is a testament to the dedication, passion, and hard work put into restoring a vintage car. The awards it received serve as a validation of the craftsmanship and attention to detail invested by Rick and Rollie in their restoration efforts.

'62 Volkswagen Beetle

Rick and Marlene’s decision to buy the freshly restored Beetle in Southern California turned out to be a delightful choice. The couple not only enjoyed the experience of owning the Volkswagen but also cherished the stories shared by the people who had owned one before them.

In 2018, Rick embarked on an extraordinary journey with his best friend of over 40 years, Ron Reahard. They participated in the “Hot Rod Power Tour,” and drive the Beetle over 6,700 miles over 16 days. It was an opportunity for automotive enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles and explore the open road. However, Rick’s choice of  vehicle added an extra element of adventure to his road trip.

Driving a vintage Beetle on such a long journey presented its challenges, considering the car’s speed and capabilities. With an average speed of 62 miles per hour, Rick and his trusty Beetle took on the highways and byways, navigating through various terrains and landscapes. The experience must have been quite different from what most people would consider a typical vacation, as Rick and his Beetle faced the open road with determination and a sense of adventure.

Throughout his  journey, Rick  likely encountered fellow travelers, car enthusiasts, and curious onlookers who were captivated by the sight of a vintage Beetle conquering the long stretches of road. Undoubtedly, these encounters must have led to numerous conversations and stories shared among the passionate community of Volkswagen owners.

Rick and Marlene’s ownership of the restored Beetle not only allowed them to experience the joys of driving a classic car but also connected them with a rich history of Volkswagen owners and their remarkable tales. It’s these personal stories and shared experiences that truly make owning a vintage vehicle special and create lasting memories for the owners.

'70 Chevrolet El Camino