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Joe & Fran

'20 Dodge Challenger Redeye Hellcat

Fran and Joe Burick met in 1963 while Joe was assigned to the USS Daniel Webster SSBN 626 and working at the Electric Boat Co., Groton Connecticut during the construction of this nuclear powered Polaris submarine.  At the time, Joe was driving a white 1963 Chevrolet 409 425HP convertible that caught the attention of Fran.

Once Fran assured herself that she liked Joe as much as the car, they got married in a small service by the New London Justice of the Peace.

Upon discharge from the U.S. Navy and 5 years working for GE in Cleveland, Joe and Fran relocated to Phoenix Arizona.  They both enjoyed successful careers in the fields of Systems Application Development and Hardware/Software Support Services.  Shortly thereafter Joe joined the Estrella Mountain Car Club and became a vocal supporter of the effort to make the Club a 501 C3.  Joe also created the Club’s Sponsorship program which generated the revenue to put on the annual car show and pay for various miscellaneous Club costs.  Other major contributions included working with “Back the Pack” to support the annual high school parade and negotiating a “Track Day” with Phoenix Raceways for the benefit of EMMC members.

Joe and Fran had interests in anything that had a motor on/in it.  This included cars, boats, motor cycles and airplanes.  They had many exciting adventures throughout their life due to this interest and here are a few.



Joe’s interest in airplanes incensed him to join the Charleston SC Air Force Aero Club to get his pilot’s license to fly Cessna 150’s and 172’s and the Piper Cherokee 140.  Joe spent time working for the Civil Air Patrol until he bent the prop on the Patrol’s tail dragger during a routine landing in Charleston.  Needless to say this mishap ended Joe’s career with the Civil Air Patrol.


On a slow day in San Diego, Fran and Joe decided to visit the local SeaRay dealer in town.  After an hour of talking with the SeaRay sales person, he invited Joe and Fran to go down to the docks and take a look at a 34 foot Sundancer.  Once the sales person started the twin 454’s and Joe listened to how they sounded running, it took about 5 minutes for him to break out his checkbook and cut a deal.


Motorcycles play a big role in the life of Fran and Joe.  Fran had her own Honda 750 and Harley VROD.  Joe owned at one time two Hayabusas, a CBR1000, two FJR1300’s, 4 Harley RoadKings, a K1200LT and a Big Dog.

Fine Automobiles

Although Detroit muscle cars had the greatest appeal to Joe, he bought 21 Corvettes, it didn’t stop him from owning some of the finest imports. The purchase of a BMW 850CI, 300ZX, two Porsche  911s and a Mercedes 300SL were some of his favorites. 

A couple of Fran & Joe's favorites

'23 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
'20 Dodge Challenger Redeye Hellcat
'20 Chevrolet Corvette